Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My baby brother is MARRIED!!!!! Ahhhh.  I couldn't be happier for this already over-the-moon happy couple.  The excitement and joy they have for each other radiated through the atmosphere on their wedding day.  They did almost nothing in a traditional way which perfectly fit in line with their personalities.  They exchanged ring pops during the ceremony, climbed a mountain to have communion, and made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in lieu of the unity candle.  Ricky sang his vows to Regan and Regan read her vows to Ricky in the form of a poem.  I took the photos of course, along with my awesome helper Red (aka Isaac).  I also sang during the ceremony with my mother, sister Joy, aunt Sheila, and Pastor James, the officiant.  I also climbed that mountain with my gear and then served as the witness for their wedding documents.  Oh, and I was a bridesmaid.  hahaha  It wasn't just me multitasking, though.  My parents threw an awesome rehearsal dinner.  Joy helped with the decorations and was a bridesmaid and her boyfriend, Ben, was the DJ and took the pictures while I was singing.  Ricky and Regan paid for almost everything themselves and did a great job pulling everything together.  It really made me appreciate all of my clients on a whole new level.  Each wedding I photograph is not just another work day.  I knew that, of course, but it was a gentle reminder.  It's an emotional, beautiful milestone in people's lives that is the culmination of months and months of preparation.  It also made me appreciate my awesome family.  I'm going to shut up now and show the pictures, because I know that's what everyone is here for, but first - Regan, you are beautiful and sweet and I'm so happy Ricky picked you.  Welcome to the family.  Be good to my brother and I will love you like a sister!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I recently flew out to Michigan for Katy and Rob's engagement session.  I had the best time with these two lovebirds.  Every once in a while, a couple comes along and we just connect.  I love working with all my clients, but this couple...I don't know...I kinda feel like we've been friends for decades.  They are both so warm and friendly.  I adore the way they love each other.  I'm already looking forward to flying back for their wedding next year.

Katy and Rob - you are the absolute best!  Thanks for flying me down to your home state for pictures and lunch!